Seal Pour Food Storage Bag Clip For Airtight Seal & Easy Pouring

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  • Material: PP
  • Airtight sealing clip for food bags
  • Length: 5.1 in approx.
  • Keep your food fresh for a longer duration
  • Reusable for years
  • Simple flip flop closure design
  • Suitable for solid food, not so much for liquids

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Keeping your food fresh for a long duration is a no-brainer with this seal pour food storage bag clip. The clip ensures that no air gets inside the bag and that its contents stay fresh for days and even weeks to come.

You need not worry that your food will get stale or rot if the bag is opened. Use this seal & pour bag clip to store your favorite cereal, pasta, chips, snacks, and candy with this.

The spout design makes it super convenient to pour the food contents from the bag into the bowl. With a simple flip flop mechanism, it is highly comfortable to open and close it.

What you’ll get:

  • Fresh food for maximum duration: This seal pour food storage bag clip ensures that your food stays fresh for months by keeping the bag airtight.

  • Convenient pouring: The spout design makes pouring easier. No mess will be made while pouring food items through this food saver in the plate or jar.

  • Easy attachment: The simple flip flop design of this pour spout makes it extremely easy to attach and remove from a bag of cereals, snacks, or anything else. Accommodate the opened length of the food bag inside the two clips and then clip them together.

  • Reusable: This helpful kitchen tool's sturdy construction and replaceable design make it ideal for reusing several times and in various shapes and sizes of food bags.

  • Take half-opened food bags anywhere: The airtight seal of this spout makes it possible for you to take your food bags on your picnics, hiking, and road trips without having to worry about spilling the food.

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