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Self Draining Leaf Shape Soap Dish

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About this item
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  • Material: PP
  • Fancy leaf-shaped design
  • Avoid messy soap chunks
  • Decorative holder for your home
  • Increase shelf-life of your bar soap
  • Self-draining bottom to remove excess water
  • Place it anywhere; kitchen, shower, bathroom, pool
Item description from the seller
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Celebrate the long life of your bar soap with this self-draining leaf shape soap dish holder!

Gone are the days when you had to feel gross using that soft, mushy, and wet soap in the shower.

Or the times when you felt disgusted looking at the sight of a small, weird-looking block thingy in the name of soap on your kitchen counter.

The dramatic bottom drill provides a dry soap on every use, and the non-slippery decorative top makes it a fancy holder to keep your soap, sponges, or mini cleaning brushes.


This leaf shape hollow soap holder is perfect for placing in the shower, bathroom, kitchen, outside the pool, or anywhere in your home!

What you'll get:

  • Decorative holder: It has a wonderful realistic shape of a leaf to add an expensive and artistic touch to your home space.

  • Soap saver: The tilted bottom hole of leaf shape holder drainer is ideal for straining any excess water, so your bar soap remains dry all the time for longer use. Happy soap, happy you!

  • Easy to install: Three suction cups give maximum support to the bar soap holder for placing at a dry or wet place.

  • Non-slip soap tray: Your soap won't fall from the leaf shaped soap dish despite its raised design.