Self Watering Spikes For Plastic Bottles

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  • Made of PP
  • Automatic water drip system
  • Regulating valve controls the drip speed
  • Works with all 1.1-inch mouth bottles
  • Suitable for all outdoor & houseplants
  • Easy installation
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Would you appreciate looking at your dried-up Monstera plant when you come back from a holiday trip? Absolutely not! It’s unacceptable and supremely inhumane.

But you can’t stop going for trips and conventions, so there has to be a solution.

Yes, there is!

These plant watering spikes for plastic bottles ensure that your potted and garden plants get a regular supply of water even when you are out of home for 1-2 weeks. You can control the flow of water which means they are suitable for every type of indoor and outdoor plant.

What you’ll get:

  • Complete set of PP spikes: The package contains a complete set of plant watering spikes so each person with different needs can order. Depending on the plants that need to be watered and the duration of your outdoor stay, you can choose the set you need.

  • Simple operation: There is no rocket science involved in the installation. Fit the watering spike with the regulating valve and insert any 1.1-inch mouth plastic bottle in it. Place the spike inside the soil and loosen the regulating valve to observe the flow of water drops. Set it according to your needs.

  • Wide compatibility: These irrigation spikes are suitable for any plastic bottle having a mouth diameter of 1.1. inch. It includes Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Deet Cola, Aquafina, Lipton bottles, etc.

  • Efficient drip system: Unlike general water spikes, these ones provide an efficient drop supply. The water will not run through the bottle in one day. The drip speed can be altered between 0-60s/drip and the setup is suitable for 1-15 days. Enjoy your vacations without worrying about the plants at home.

*To avoid the build-up of pressure in the bottle, drill a hole at the base of the bottle.