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Sequential Pro 3 "Analog Frontier" 64 presets

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“Analog Frontier” programs bank for Sequential PRO 3 synthesizer include 64 professional production-ready patches for making music in different genres: cinematic, soundtrack, ambient, electronic. All sounds was inspired by modern and classic sci-fi movies and novels.

“Analog Frontier” distributing as standard SYX file. For upload bank into your PRO 3 you should use any SYSEX-file utility (MIDI-OX, SysEx Librarian, etc.). After you upload “Analog Frontier” into your PRO 3, all your 128 patches in first user bank (U1) will be erased! 

All programs of “Analog Frontier” program bank divided into 5 categories and marked by prefix in patch name:
•    SYN – synth-like sounds with short/mid attack to playing melodies and themes. All these sounds are monophonic.
•    PD – pad-style sounds with long or very long attack for backgrounds or main themes. All pads use paraphonic mode and react on velocity. You can play pad sounds up to three notes polyphony. 
•    ATM – atmospheric pad-style sounds with long or very long attack for backgrounds. All these sounds are monophonic.
•    BS – bass programs to use in different genres.
•    EFX – sound effects.

All sounds react on modulation wheel and touch sensor pad, some of them reacts on aftertouch. You can change all sounds dramatically using modulation wheel, touch sensor or both.

Some patches include preprogrammed sequence. If you’ve been selecting a patch and see sequencer step buttons lights, try to start sequencer to hear a preprogrammed sequence.