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Set additives gasoline Suprotek Aprochim SGA to reduce consumption and extend the life of injectors 123292

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Set additives gasoline Suprotek Aprochim SGA  to reduce consumption and extend the life of injectors

1 pack of 9 bottles of 50 ml

A set of nine bottles of SGA gasoline additive (SGA) in one package.

The composition is designed for mixing 1 ml of the composition per 1 liter of fuel, i.e. the package of the composition of the SGA will be enough for about 450 liters of gasoline.

Fuel additive SGA (SGA) is designed to improve the cleaning and lubricating properties of gasoline, which prolongs the life of the fuel equipment. The additive is designed to be added to the fuel tank at every refueling.

The SGA additive works effectively and safely in fuel systems of any systems: carburetor, injection and direct injection systems such as TFSI, TSI, GDI, MDI and others.

increasing the power and throttle response of the car, due to correct injection and more complete combustion of fuel
reduction of fuel consumption and maintenance of economy
extending the service life of fuel equipment, especially injectors
prevention of "leaks" of fuel through the injectors, reducing the risk of knocking or "burning" of valves and pistons
reducing the risk of engine damage as a result of refueling with low-quality fuel.

the additive does not contain octane-correcting additives, does not change the combustion temperature of the fuel and, therefore, the engine operating modes
acts gradually, without clogging fuel filters, injector grids and pumps.


The additive contains a balanced package of chemicals that:
gradually dissolves deposits and impurities in fuel pumps and injectors and prevents the formation of new ones
"Soften" the fuel, increasing its lubricating properties, which reduces wear of the moving parts of the fuel equipment
block corrosion of elements of fuel equipment, preventing the water contained in the fuel from interacting with metal surfaces
restore wear of loaded friction surfaces, improving the fit of pump plungers, shut-off needles of nozzles and other elements.
1 pack of 9 bottles of 50 ml