set of earrings and pendant

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  • Delivery from Russia.

     Shipping within 1-7 business days.

    A set of nickel silver is made in the technique of winding wire. Pendant and earrings. The size of the pendant is 22x12x6 mm. The size of the decorative part of the earring is 18x12x6mm.  The set includes a napkin to update the shine of the product.

    Please note that this product is custom made and the following may differ very slightly as all products are made exclusively by hand. 

    I strongly recommend storing jewelry in a zipper, so they will remain shiny and beautiful!

     Please keep in mind that delivery may take 10 to 60 business days depending on your country, and I am not responsible for any delays caused by postal or customs services.

    International buyers are responsible for any customs fees, taxes and additional postage.