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Siberian Ringing Cedars CEDAR BEADS WITH PENDANT

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Pendant from a cedar branch cut on a thread of taiga nuts. Handcrafted according to the age-old craft traditions passed down through the generations. Souvenir, decoration and amulet charged with the power of the Siberian taiga.
Touching the cedar, even with a small piece of it, the body is charged with pure energy, fatigue decreases, stress goes away. With constant wearing, cedar jewelry helps to harmonize the biofield and resist diseases both at a subtle level, when they are not yet manifested, and at a physical level, since they are a natural antiseptic.
They exude a subtle cedar aroma and serve as a mild aromatherapy agent: cedar resins and esters soothe, increase physical and mental activity, help to collect thoughts, improve sleep, and prevent colds.
You need to wear beads so that they touch the body, then the cedar begins to feel the person and influence his condition.