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Silicone Drain Cover Hair Catcher

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About this item
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  • Material: TPR
  • Flexible, durable build
  • 4 suction cups to give sturdy grip
  • Dense mesh -  smooth drainage
  • Long-lasting – thick elastic material
Item description from the seller
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Cleaning a clogged drain is one of those tasks that will make your face get red. Anti-clogging a drain, whether in the kitchen or the bathroom, is usually a headache-inducing task that requires careful attention.

This silicone drain cover is the perfect solution for preventing your kitchen sinks, bathroom tubs, or shower drains from becoming clogged by hair, fruit peels, or anything else.

Cover your drains with this to prevent your valuables, such as rings, from being washed away by the water in the drain pipes.

Say hello to an unclogged, simple and convenient life.

What you'll get:

  • Convenient use: No need to screw it in your sinks, floor. Simply place it on the opening and let its suction cups do the magic.  

  • Sturdy grip: The four sturdy suction cups underneath the silicone drain cover give it a good grip that prevents it from slipping on a wet surface.

  • Doesn't affect water flow: The evenly distributed mesh of holes on the cover ensures that the water flow is not affected by it.  Draining and filtering is done efficiently and simultaneously.

  • Easy to clean: The drain cover can easily be removed, making it feasible to clean it conveniently. The small handle design makes it easy to lift and wash when not in use.