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Simple Design Circle Ring

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About this item
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  • Material: Copper
  • Silver color
  • Symbolizes unity, evolution, and wholeness
  • Simple yet meaningful design
  • Adjustable design
Item description from the seller
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Uncertainty, frustration, and vulnerability – are the void feelings we all experience living our daily lives.

Breakup from a long-term relationship, loss of a loved one and rejection of an important project which you work hard for can make you fall deep down in a black hole.

Sitting in the dark corner, all you are thinking is

"Am I not enough?"

"What did I do wrong?"

And so many other such thoughts that cross your mind pushing you into a sense of numbness.

But that's what makes you a living person; otherwise, you will only be a lifeless soul! It's okay to feel sad and depressed because that's what makes you stronger to survive the next day.

You might be thinking how?

Maybe all you need is a motivational boost with a meaningful, simple circle ring that will remind you throughout the day that all these circumstances are evolving your personality. The full circle design will give you a sense of unity, totality, and wholeness because that's what you are striving for.

What you'll get:

  • Suitable for different occasions: Its simple and elegant design perfectly pairs with any outfit for any occasion like engagement, wedding, etc.

  • Powerful symbol ring: The full circle symbolizes totality, evolution, and perfection. Wear this ring to feel worthy, complete, and hopeful.

  • Meaningful gift: Get this open circle ring for a person who always feels low and needs a motivational push.

  • Show your love: Gift this circle promise ring to your beautiful partner and express your heart feelings. Don't forget to attach a note that says: "You make me complete."