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Sleeping Bag Sofa Bed

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About this item
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  • Material: Polyester
  • Inflatable couch
  • Fill it with air and rest anywhere
  • Double safety nylon socket
  • Great for beaches, camping, movie nights, parties
  • Can bear 200kg
  • 150-180cm in length
  • Easy to store and carry
Item description from the seller
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How many benches are there on the streets of New York? Or even in Miami? Effectively not enough to accommodate everyone walking, strolling and ambling on the streets.

You often have to go to a park to get some rest from your grocery shopping, or find a sitting space in front of a burger vendor. Why can’t you just lie anywhere you like?

Well, it’s all possible with this sleeping bag sofa bed. The only thing you need to do is to fly it around a bit (or have a youngster do it for you) so that it collects air. Once it has enough air, quickly roll the ends and buckle it up.

And voila, you have a portable, lie-anywhere couch in front of you. Sit and relax on it no matter if you are on a footpath, near a swimming pool, in a garden or on a beach. A clean bed for you anytime, anywhere, without any air pump. 

What you’ll get:

  • Stable shape to prevent rollovers: The air bed adopts a double-bin design which lays flat on the ground while taking a trapezoidal shape. This ensures that it stays stable on the ground, be it sand, marble, road or cement. You can also enjoy lying on it in your swimming pool.

  • Tough material that supports heavy weight: Made of durable polyester material, the sleeping bag couch can bear 200 kg. That means 2-3 adults can easily sit on it. We recommend keeping the maximum weight to 150 kg.

  • Secure buckling to prevent accidents: The double buckle safety socket reliably ensures that the bag doesn’t open up or deflate when you are lying on it.

  • Easy to carry: Once you open the buckle and unroll the edges of the sleeping bag sofa, it will deflate quickly as you start rolling it from one side. Carry it in its bag and travel with it anywhere.