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Sloth Hanging Planter For Succulents & Indoor Plants

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About this item
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  • Material: Ceramic
  • Cute sloth shaped planter
  • Ideal for succulents & hanging indoor plants
  • Dimensions: 15 x 8 cm (length x depth) approx.
  • Good addition to your home decor
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We know sloths are excessively slow? But you know what, not everything made in the shape of sloths is slow. Not these hanging sloth planters, for sure!

Now you can find an exciting spot for your indoor succulents like Peperomia, Jade plant, Aloe, Polka dot Begonia and others. Put the soil inside the tummy of the lazily smiling sloth, plant your succulent in it, water it with a sprayer gun and see the magic. The green leaves and juicy stems sprouting out of the tummy of the sloth will be too cute to resist.

This plant holder is not only a healthy environment for your indoor plants; it will also grant a fresh breeze of variety to your home décor. The sloth slow will make your plants glow.

What you’ll get:

  • Durable built: Made out of ceramic, this planter is safe to use and there to stay with you and your tiny succulent plants.

  • Handles a majority of plants: Use this sloth hanging planter to grow your small succulents inside your room or hanging plants like Fern, Burro’s Tail, English Ivy and String of Nickels. You can hang it in your rooms or outside in your balconies and decks.

  • A good addition to your décor: Get ready to bestow an impactful enhancement to your home décor with this sloth planter. Everyone who comes to visit you will certainly ask you about this plant holder.

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Listed on 8 January, 2022