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Small axolotl pink, blue in a box. I Miss You Gift. Pocket Hug. Matchbox love. You are not Alone. For teenage girl. Step

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1. If you want custom lettering inside the box (where there is no picture), please write your message here.
2. Write your personalized note. I will print it out on colored paper with a nice shaped edge and put it inside the toy box.
About this item
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    Free shipping.
    The size of the matchbox is approximately 2.7" x 1.9" x 0.9" (7cm x 5cm x 2.5cm), and the size of the plush toy is 2.3 inches (6.0cm).
    Blue and Pink
    Decorative elements in the photo are not included in the price of the ad.
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    United States: 3-8 weeks
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    We are not responsible for parcels stored at the customs office of your country.
    Buyers are responsible for any and all import taxes that may apply.
    A little reminder:
    - Each handmade product is unique
    - There may be some color differences due to different monitor settings.
    - If you want to change colors or details, email me!
    Email me if you have any questions or suggestions!
    Thank you for your visit!

Item description from the seller
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A small axolotl in a box. A Postal Gift in The Form Of A Matchbox. Strong hugs in a small box.

These cute little felt axolotls, blue and pink, are created for the people you love and who are dear to your heart. Express your love from a distance. I'm sending you hugs and smiles.

You can choose the color of the axolotl from the available ones. If you need a different color, just email me and I will make an axolotl of a different color.

I can embroider one letter on the axolotl's body or on the back

I pack each matchbox with a toy in a cardboard box for the safety of items

If you need personalization, write to me and I will create an individual order for you.

The color of the ribbon on the box may be in random order, from what is available

Please select the inscription inside the box from the available ones or tell me your text and I will put it in the box.

In addition, I can put your congratulatory message in a box. I will print it out on colored paper with a beautiful curly edge.

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