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Small Foam Dice Set

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About this item

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  • Material: EVA foam
  • The set includes 12 dices
  • Size of dice: 3.7 cm approx.
  • Improves the maths skills of your kids
  • Use as building blocks
  • Toy set to kill boredom
  • Place in cars, classrooms, offices
  • A great addition to your game nights arsenal
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Here’s a stat, and not a good one!

79% of two-year-olds and 97% of three-year-olds are exposed to screen more than the recommended amount by health professionals (

From infancy through age 5, kids are going through rapid brain development and this excess screen time is ruining their physical skills, face-to-face interaction capabilities and socializing abilities.

What can you do? Get them a playful, enjoyable substitute.

Such as this soft dice set.

Improve their math skills, make them play engaging games, develop their cognitive skills and make them physically active with these foam dices.  It includes a set of 12 dices of different colors so you can experiment with a lot of games – balancing, color coordination, memorizing, mathematical, comparison; the options are countless.

Bring home a toy that is the true replacement of screen joy.

What you’ll get:

  •  Fun games with small dice: Make your kids play innumerable games with this dice set. They can play the knockout game in which 2 players write numbers from 2-12 and then roll two dices. They cross out the score that they get. The player who crosses out all the numbers (from 2-12) first wins. Or they can play the Pig game in which each player rolls the dice and add up the number, the one who reaches 30 first wins and if they score a 1, they have to cut the last score they got. There are so many other games you can teach your kids.

  • Use as building blocks: You can use the dice as building blocks as well. This will enhance the balancing skills of your toddlers and make their brain functioning fast. You can also play color coordination games with these dices or math games as well.

  • Decoration for your office: The other application of this colorful small foam dice set is decoration. You can put them on one side of your workstation or, if you are a teacher, in your class. You can even gift each to your hard-working employees whenever any of them completes a challenging task or monthly target.

  • A sign of good luck: Did you know why do people put foam dice in their cars? It’s because, after World War II, pilots returned home carrying the dice as a sign of good luck. This has translated into people putting them in their cars. You can do the same.