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Solar Powered Water Fountain

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About this item
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  • Material: Metal
  • Solar-powered fountain to put in birdbaths, ponds, etc.
  • 4 spray heads to deliver different spray patterns
  • Black foam on the base allows it to be afloat
  • Attracts birds and offers a soothing sight to calm you
  • Power of the pump: 1.0 W
  • Max spray flow: 160L/h
  • Size: 16 cm approx.
Item description from the seller
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With all the tension flowing around us in this world full of rays, electromagnetic waves and lasers, even a small soothing moment is precious.

This Solar Powered Water Fountain is just that!

Place it inside your Lily ponds, fountains, birdbaths or koi ponds and get instant water jet and sprays.

Not only does it attracts the birds towards it but it delivers the pacifying sound of water dripping that stirs your calm-inducing neurons and you feel tranquil.

The best things about it?

Extremely easy to install and maintain.

Floats on the surface (you can stick it with the base using the suction cups too).

Doesn’t get carried away by strong winds or windstorm.

What you’ll get:

  • Create a calming sight in your patio & garden: Place this solar garden fountain pump in the stone fountain or ceramic birdbath present in your house to create an instant soothing sight. The water ejecting as a spray is very pleasing to the eye. It will also attract birds and you can enjoy the chirping too.
  • No hassle while setting it up: The product comes with prior wiring and fitting. You just have to install the spray head after removing the protective layer on the top surface. Let it charge for 2-3 hours first and then put it in the water. No wires, no charging, no batteries needed.
  • Enjoy different modes: Thanks to the 4 spray heads included with this solar powered water fountain, you can achieve multiple jet and spray streams simply by changing the head. One gives a powerful vertical spray while the others spread the water subduedly.

* The fountain will work differently depending on the intensity of the sunlight it receives. Sometimes, it may deliver a discontinuous water spray.