Solar System Miniverse Bracelet For Men & Women

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  • Material: Natural stone alloy
  • Circumference: 20 cm
  • Includes 9 planets & the moon
  • Makes you the Sun
  • Unisex bracelet

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Become the center of the universe with this bracelet!

Don’t you want to be the one who controls his/her life, influences people and makes positive changes in their lives?

In other words, don’t you want to be the Sun that keeps all the planets around it in order, provides them the light when they want and grows life on them.

Become that by wearing this solar system mini verse bracelet.

What you’ll get:

  • All 9 planets in your wrist: The bracelet contains miniature models of all the planets in the solar system. Each planet is made with a stone that denotes its general representation i.e. earth is made with Lan ven, which is a blue and white stone (denoting the presence of water & land), while Jupiter is made with brown agate (denoting the storms that occur there).

  • Powerful jewelry piece: Wearing the bracelet represents that you are the Sun which controls the movement of all the planets. If you are a mother who looks after the entire family, the father/husband who takes care of his household, a manager who looks after his/her team; this is the product for you.

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Listed on 12 June, 2021