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Spiralizer Pro 3-Blade Vegetable Slicer
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Spiralizer Pro 3-Blade Vegetable Slicer 1.jpg
Spiralizer Pro 3-Blade Vegetable Slicer
Spiralizer Pro 3-Blade Vegetable Slicer.jpg

Spiralizer Pro 3-Blade Vegetable Slicer

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  • The blades are crafted from high-quality 430 stainless steel, ensuring a rust-free and long-lasting experience.
  • Say goodbye to cuts and injuries with this safe slicing tool, perfect for home cooks of all levels.
  • Tired of grating for hours on end It is 12x faster than traditional graters, making meal prep a breeze.
  • With three different cutters included, you can customize your food prep for any recipe or occasion.
  • It is the perfect combination of durability and sturdiness, making it an essential tool for your kitchen.
  • Choose from a variety of colors - red, green, or blue - to add a pop of personality to your kitchen tools.
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Hey there foodies, are you tired of spending endless hours in the kitchen preparing your meals? Look no further! This spiralizer pro 3-blade vegetable slicer will make cooking a breeze for you.

Its sleek and innovative design features 430 stainless-steel blades that make meal preparation an absolute breeze. With just one spin, this lightweight slicer can cut through vegetables, cheese, and even nuts 12 times faster than traditional graters.

It is also incredibly easy to use. Say goodbye to the fear of accidentally cutting yourself with its simple and safe slicing tool.

The best part is that this versatile slicer features three unique functions, making it a must-have in any kitchen. Whether you want to create perfect zoodles or grate cheese, this vegetable slicer can do it all.

Top Features: 

This slicer features blades that rotate 12 times for every cut, allowing you to whip up healthy and delicious meals in no time.

With its three different types of stainless steel blades, this slicer handles all your slicing, grating, and grinding needs. Whether you're making a salad or preparing a stir-fry, this versatile tool has got you covered.

But what about safety? It is designed to keep your hands and fingers safely away from the blades and food, so you can confidently prepare your meals.

The strong and sharp stainless steel blades are built to last, so you can enjoy perfectly sliced veggies and fruits for years to come.

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Len. M.flag imageVerified Purchase
Very useful and practical
Susanne. T.flag imageVerified Purchase
I purchased this item for my daughters birthday which is not until the 4 March. I will definitely send a photo when she receives it. Thank you for delivering it in time for he birthday. Many many thanks. Susanne Tan
Tina. J.flag imageVerified Purchase
I actually gave this to a friend and she likes it much. It does make your slicing fun and easy.
Mackenzie. L.flag imageVerified Purchase
Very pleased with the ease of use! Nice size for cooking for 2. Does a good job without having to plug it in. Clean up quick too.
Carol. H.flag imageVerified Purchase
Love it! easy to use...
Fred. L.flag imageVerified Purchase
We like shredded cheese and my arm was dying from using a grater often. This does it in 1/8 of the time. So impressed. Love it
Listed on 27 April, 2019