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Stainless Steel Restaurant-Style Taco Holder Rack

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About this item
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  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Reversible zig-zag design
  • Edges to easily hold the tray
  • Perfect to hold the tacos upright
Item description from the seller
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A Mexican family has shifted next door, and you want to welcome them with traditional handmade Mexican tacos. You have done all the research and noted down a recipe to make crispy, savory tacos, but serving those delectable delicacies on typical plates and platters will take away their charm.

Wondering what to do in such a scenario?

Give rest to your mind horses, and bring this Stainless Steel taco holder to your kitchen. These will serve your tacos in the most presentable way. Just like restaurants or taco chains serve, you'll be able to present in front of your guests and impress them with your skills.

It ensures that the tacos stay upright and their content doesn't fall out of the tray.

What you'll get:

  • Prevent tacos from falling: The zig-zag design of the holder makes it convenient for you to place tacos on it without having a second thought about them falling. The compartments are perfect for holding the tacos straight in them so that no mess is made.

  • Corrosion and rust resistive body: The Stainless Steel construction gives this taco rack a strong resistive property against corrosion or rust. Hand clean and dry it to keep it rust-free.

  •  Reversible design: The reversible design means that you can either place 2 or 3 tacos on it. Depending upon your guest and their appetite, you can reverse the holder without giving it an empty or weird appearance. Create multiple portions sizes specially customized for your guests.

  • Comfortable to hold: This Stainless Steel taco holder has easy-to-grip edges that make picking up the tray safe and convenient.