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Stainless Steel Wash Basin Pop Up Drain Filter

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About this item
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  • Material: Stainless Steel - Brass
  • Multiple uses: Drain filter and stopper
  • High resistance against rust and corrosion
  • Anti-leaking drain plug
  • Drain stopper for tub, bathroom sink, basin etc.
  • Suitable for 34-35mm hole diameter
  • Easy to install and remove: no tools neede
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Have you ever wondered that your favorite ring could fall into the sink when you wash your hands in a rush and end up in the sewers?

It’s terrifying, we know, but a real possibility. However, you would want to avoid it.

Here’s another likelihood you want to avoid.

Cleaning a clogged drain. Because it is one of the most revolting household chores but is also a necessary one; otherwise, your entire sewage system will be interrupted. So, how to take precautions for both of these situations ahead of time?

The solution is right in front of your eyes.

This stainless steel pop-up filter for the washbasin is anything but average. It's a basin stopper and filter in one. This product will keep your drains clear and prevent hair and other valuables from entering them.

Use the bathroom sink drain in the wash basin, drain hole, or bathtub to prevent water from leaking or to filter out unwanted items that shouldn't go down the drain.

What you'll get:

  • Multiple uses: This pop up drain for sink is useful not just for your bathroom basins and kitchen sinks but also for bathtubs. Install this bullet core push-type sink drain for a relaxing bath. Nothing should be allowed to go down the drain, and this pop-up filter is great for keeping both valuable and unwanted stuff out.

  • Easy to install: Get rid of your traditional attached chain sink stoppers and replace them with this simple-to-install basin filter. It can be installed without the assistance of a professional. A quick push-down will allow you to remove the filter and clean it easily.

  • Anti-leakage: This basin pop-up drain filter can also be used as a stopper. Its purpose is to prevent water from entering the drain from the bathtub or sink. Rest assured that none of your valuables will go into the sewers even by accident.

  • Resistance against rust and corrosion: A product constantly in touch with water must be manufactured from a material resistant to corrosion and rust. This stainless steel pop-up bathroom sink stopper offers that much-needed high resistance.

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Columba Zamoraflag imageVerified Purchase
Very good I like I recommend
Listed on 21 June, 2021