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Stand Up Weeder

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About this item
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  • Material: Aluminum ABS
  • Stainless steel claws
  • Size: 100 x 22 cm approx.
  • No bending & backache
  • Easy and durable grip
  • Suitable for dandelions, nut sedges, common nettle, white clover, etc
Item description from the seller
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Getting rid of invasive weeds from your garden is essential to let other plants grow to their maximum.

But this task is time-consuming and often painful for your back.

To turn this task into a breeze and pain-free one, get this stand-up weeder. It prevents you from bending in uncomfortable postures and extracts the weed perfectly.

It is comfortable to use and efficient in its role.

What you'll get:

  • Durable quality: The foot paddle, rod, 3-blade claws, and handle grip are all made with durable quality and will serve you for a long time.
  • No backaches: This stand-up weeder eliminates the need to bend and pluck the weed from the ground. It eases the weeding chore for you and doesn't put your back under any stress. This protects you from backaches and keeps you healthy and active.  
  • Easy to use: Fix the weeder over the weed, and force it into the ground by pushing the foot paddle with your foot. Give the weeder 2-3 twists with your hand grip. Now extract the tool out of the ground. The claws will pluck the weed out. Press the spring on the handle to release the weed into the bin.
  • Ergonomic grip: The hand grips of the weeder are very ergonomic. You won't feel agitated by using it.

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