Suction Cup Sponge Holder With Flower Design

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  • Made of plastic
  • Ventilated design for quick drying
  • Suction cups attachment
  • Suitable for sponges, soap, kitchen cloth
  • Organizes your sink
  • Length: 11 cm approx.

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It’s the tiny things that matter at the end. You might’ve heard it several times, yet we are so lazy not to do it.

5 min of yoga every day, 1 glass of water after getting up in the morning, brushing your teeth before going to teeth, reading 2 pages of a book every night. And, and, and… getting this suction cup sponge holder to declutter your sink.

We aren’t kidding. Let the sponge drip and dry within the sink rather than on your countertop. So there is absolutely no slime, no mess and no bacteria build-up there. Imagine the time you’ll save on cleaning the area around your sink due to dripping sponges and soaps.

Make this change and let it yield its compound benefit on you.

What you’ll get:

  • Easy-drying design: Thanks to the ventilated design of this plastic sink sponge holder, your wet sponges, kitchen cloths and soaps will dry quickly without giving any smell or creating any mess on the countertop.

  • Easy attachment: Moisten the suction cups and push them onto the surface of the sink. Dry the surface before the attachment. It’s suitable to be attached to glass, metal, tiles and fiberglass. You can also use it for hanging your scrubbers, cleaning kitchen cloths and small brushes.

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Listed on 13 January, 2022