Tailors Chalk Pencil For Chalkboards & Fabric

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  • Material: Pastel
  • Make markings on fabric, glass, chalkboard, etc.
  • Useful in dressmaking, handicrafts making, designing
  • Bright color with continuous core
  • Non-toxic in nature
  • Peel the outer cover, no sharpener needed
  • Prevents dirtying of hands
  • Package includes 6 pencils of different colors
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Quit marking your garments and fabrics with markers, pens and ballpoints? It’s 21st century, for God's sake. There’s a proper solution for everything.

These chalk pastel pencils are the perfect substitute for your ballpoints, highlighters and even chalk markers.

What’s wrong with them, huh? Ballpoints produce permanent markers and if you go wrong with them, the whole section of the fabric gets discarded. And the chalk markers dirty up your hands. Unknowingly, you spread specks of chalk all over the fabric.

This pencil, however, solves both these problems. They deliver non-permanent markings and will not mess up your hands. A product this great is hard to hate:p

What you’ll get:

  •  Easy markings on your fabrics: This tailor chalk pencil can be used for markings on the fabric, cloth, leather and footwear. Unlike tailor chalk markers, it will not make your hands dirty and you won’t get chalk marks everywhere on the cloth while working.

  • Suitable for many surfaces: They are not only meant for fabric but wood, ceramics, glass and paper as well.

  • Easy operation: Using the chalk pencil for fabric is a breeze—no need to put it in the sharpener. Simply pull the string upwards which will tear the outer covering. Then unravel the covering to unhide the pastel underneath. Even if the pencil breaks, it will still be as usable as the unbroken one.

  • Multiple applications: Use these colorful pencils for your tailoring needs, dressmaking tasks, ceramic designing or leather drawing. You can also give them to your kids for drawing and having fun on the paper with them.

How to remove chalk pencil from fabric:

Use a piece of cotton cloth. Dampen it with water and rub the marking in a circular motion. Then allow it to dry for some time. If this doesn’t work, pour some liquid soap on the cloth and then rub it on the fabric marking.