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Tech Heated Vest Unisex
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Tech Heated Vest Unisex
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Tech Heated Vest Unisex
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Tech Heated Vest Unisex
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Tech Heated Vest Unisex
Tech Heated Vest Unisex
Tech Heated Vest Unisex
Tech Heated Vest Unisex

Tech Heated Vest Unisex

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  • Experience elevated warmth - Quick heating with multiple heat areas and 3 temperature settings
  • Lightweight and comfy - Say goodbye to bulky, restrictive layers of clothing!
  • Supremely comfortable polyester fibre and cotton - Water and sweat-resistant
  • Increased range of motion - Perfect for outdoor sports like running, cycling, or ski touring
  • Roomy pockets - Ideal for cold-fingered folks
  • Functional yet chic - Ditch your ugly jacket that looks like a marshmallow
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You don't have to stay indoors this winter due to bone-chilling temperatures!

Try our Tech Heated Unisex Vest to keep your core (and the rest of you) toasty warm - without the cumbersome extra layers.

While its smart styling and slim fit make it look like a traditional winter vest, it has two heating zones and three warmth levels to keep you snuggly warm.

Warm yourself up in just 1 minute

With infrared technology and carbon fibre heating elements, this USB-heated vest jacket gets your entire body warm in no time! Perfect for anyone planning to spend several hours outside in a chilly climate.

Taking part in an outdoor activity?

Being active in the winter can put your body temperature on an unpredictable rollercoaster. You're freezing one minute, sweating the next, then hot, then cold. Our 3 heat settings ensure that you'll be just the right amount of warmth with a touch of a button.

Choose from:
Low - 77°F
Medium - 95° F
High - 113°F

Easily charge your heated vest with a handy USB port 

The heated vest is equipped with a handy USB port that can easily be connected to the power bank for convenient recharging. Easily charge your heated vest and smartphone with your power bank (not included) after a long day's use

Usage in 3 easy steps:

  1. Plug the vest's USB cable into the power bank to turn it on.
  2. The power bank should be turned on and can be placed into the hidden power bank compartment located discreetly inside your vest.
  3. To warm the vest, hold the temperature control button for three seconds, until the light flashes red indicating that it's on.

Directions for washing:

Before washing your vest, remove the power bank. Use a mild, neutral detergent to wash the vest, and let it air dry afterwards.


Size Length(cm) Shoulder(cm)
S 63 37
M 65 38
L 67 39
XL 69 41
2XL 71 43
3XL 73 45
4XL 75 46

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