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The Auschwitz Photograph: A WWII Historical Fiction Novel (World War II Brave Women Fiction Book 9)

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  • by Julie Tulba (Author)
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A snapshot in time holds secrets waiting to be revealed.

Berlin, 1938. Samuel Weiss and Max von Hofmannsthal were best friends until the cruel antisemitism of Nazi Germany seeped into Berlin and tore their friendship apart. As Max rises in the ranks of the Nazi SS, Sam and his Jewish family find themselves simply struggling to survive.

And when Max and Sam’s paths cross once again among the bleak barracks of Auschwitz-Birkenau, their fates will intertwine in ways neither of them could ever have expected.

Pittsburgh, present day. Becky’s father, Sam, has never liked to talk about his time in the Holocaust. A sad and withdrawn man, all she knows is that her brave father survived the hell on earth that was Auschwitz.

But when Becky stumbles upon an old notebook of her mother’s, she starts to realize that there may be far more to her father’s story than she’d thought. And when an old photograph from 1944 Auschwitz surfaces suddenly, she is drawn into a shattering discovery that will tear apart everything she’s ever believed to be true.

The Auschwitz Photograph is a captivating story of friendship, hope, survival, and betrayal in World War II.

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Listed on 18 January, 2024