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The Clever Swab
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The Clever Swab
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The Clever Swab
The Clever Swab
The Clever Swab
The Clever Swab

The Clever Swab

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About this item
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  • Made with soft ABS + silicone, never harms ears
  • Holdable like a pencil
  • One item includes: 1 ear swab + handle
  • Comes in an elegant combo of white & blue color
  • Safest to use (get doctor recommendation for surety)
Item description from the seller
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Too much wax in your ears can cause discomfort, impair hearing and cause infections. Cotton swabs can hurt and using foreign objects like water, wax or fire can be dangerous!

Now, there's a better way! The Clever Swab is the new and innovative way to clean your ears safely. Gently place it in your ear, twist and remove, it's that simple! 

This tool's secret is the soft, spiral-grooved head that's designed to go the perfect distance into your ear. With a simple twist it latches onto wax and safely extracts it, cleaning your ears quickly and comfortably!

You can use this tool whenever necessary, if your ears tend to build up wax more frequently.

Use of The Clever Swab is recommended after a shower so that your ear wax is soft, making it easier to remove. 

See your doctor if you have any questions or hesitations about the use of this product!