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Funny Toilet Bowl Coffee Mug

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About this item
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  • Crafted from premium ceramic, ensuring durability and elegance.
  • Quirky bowl & tank design adds a playful touch to any table setting.
  • Coffee mug with secret bowl compartment, ideal for hilarious pranks.
  • Bring a smile to your BFF, baby, or sibling's face with this amusing gift.
  • Versatile enough for ice cream, candies, or your favorite beverage.
  • Generous 300ml capacity accommodates all your cravings.
  • Compact yet eye-catching at approximately 12.7 cm in height.
Item description from the seller
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Upgrade your morning coffee routine with this amusing toilet coffee mug. Say goodbye to boring regular mugs and start your day with a smile on your face. This ceramic mug, shaped like a toilet bowl, is guaranteed to bring a touch of humor to your coffee break.

Experience a transformed coffee-drinking experience with this 300 ml toilet bowl mug. The handle is located just below the toilet seat tank, while the liquid is held in the bowl portion.

The novelty of the design makes it an immediate conversation starter, perfect for impressing guests at a party or celebration.

It also serves as an excellent gag gift for your friends and partners in crime. Surprise your little one with this silly present on their birthday, or gift it to your best friend to create hilarious memories together.

Not only is this toilet bowl mug great for coffee and tea, but it can also be used to hold cookies, candies, ice cream, and any other treats you desire.