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Touching Control Rose Acrylic Lamp

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About this item
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  • Our LED Table Lamp adds a touch of glamour to any space with its sleek and stylish design.
  • It illuminates your environment beautifully, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • With its soft and gentle glow, it creates a romantic panorama that's perfect for date nights or intimate gatherings.
  • Choose from three different light modes - white, warm, and neutral - to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.
  • The lamp comes with a convenient USB charging interface, making it easy to charge and use wherever you go.
  • It stands at the height of 8.66 inches, giving it a commanding presence in any room.
  • With a diameter of 3.54 inches, our LED Table Lamp is compact enough to fit on any table or desk without taking up too much space.
Item description from the seller
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Are you hoping to improve the classiness and sophistication of your home? Try using our Rose Control Acrylic Lamp instead! What makes it so great, you ask?

It is crafted from crystal-clear acrylic material in a beautiful diamond pattern. Its luxury creates an outstanding vista when it lights up any room. With three light modes (warm, white, and neutral), you can customize the brightness and color temperature to suit your mood.

But don't worry about fiddling with complicated controls - just lightly tap the upper side of the lamp to turn it on and change the light mode.

This touching control rose acrylic lamp is perfect for a variety of settings, including the bedroom, living room, dining room, study room, craft room, corridor, closet, hotel, office, and more.

And with everything you need included in the package (the table lamp and a data cable for easy charging), you can start enjoying the ambiance of this beautiful lamp right away.

Whether you're looking to create a romantic atmosphere for date night or add some stylish and sophisticated lighting to your decor, our Touching Control Rose Acrylic Lamp one awesome choice for you!

* Data cable included