Truffle essence for food hot drinks 10 ml ( 0.34 oz)

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  • does not lose flavor during heat treatment 
  • The product is certified.
  • The truffle essence developed by us is unique, it has been tested by independent experts and is recognized as the best in the world in terms of aromatics and ease of its use in the technological process. It completely repeats the truffle flavor and allows you to create luxury segment products of any composition. Based on oil essence (olive oil) you can make any food product truffle, any alcoholic beverage based on alcohol essence. The rate of application of the essence is from 0.25 ml to 1.1 ml to obtain 1 kg or 1 liter of the finished truffle product. And only ready–made truffle olive oil requires more – 8-10 ml of essence per 1 liter, but the resulting oil becomes unique - it can be used not only to flavor ready-made dishes, but also to fry any products on it