Vaccination cardholder with lanyard or vaccine holder with key ring personalized protector case for immunization card

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The vegan leather is pleasant to the touch and practical to use. Keep your card safe! You can clip it on the inside or outside of your bag, jeans or backpack. It is a very practical and useful accessory for everyone. Clear cover on the front features visibility and protection, makes it easy to show the vaccine card and display the vaccine immunization record while keeping your card safe as well. Card cover opened from shortest side to protect your vaccination record card the best.

☑️ This vaccination record card holder can be a great idea for wedding party favors! ☑️


- 1 vaccination card slots;

- 1 golden star clasp.


SIZE of Holder:

Length – 11.7 cm (4.6 ").

Width – 9.3 cm (3.7").

This sizes is not included hardware!

This cardholder is made for vaccination cards 4 "x 3" or smaller. Please measure the size of your vaccination card before ordering! I will not make refunds if your cards do not fit. Thank you!

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