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Vegetable Cutter

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About this item
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  • 6 different blades
  • Hand protector for safe use
  • Transparent storage container
  • Ideal for grating, grinding, slicing & julienning
  • Comes with a separate peeler
Item description from the seller
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Want to eat curly potato fries, make thin cucumber slices, or grate ginger efficiently and safely?

Using a knife for these tasks is unsafe, so what can be the alternative to a knife that does the task with better speed and precision?

Get this vegetable cutter to let go of all your cutting, slicing, mincing, and grating troubles. This all-in-one gadget is the perfect knife replacement and far safer to use.

With a separate peeler in the package, you can conveniently peel fruits and veggies.

What you’ll get:

  • Efficiency: Not everyone can use a knife like a chef and cut fruits and veggies in seconds. But you can get the same speed with this vegetable cutter and make salads or wavy fries in seconds.
  • 6 swappable blades: With changeable blades that do different tasks and with different thicknesses, you will be able to do a lot more with this cutter than you can ever do with a knife. Julienne carrots or capsicum, slice cucumber or zucchini, grind cheese, or grate ginger or garlic with this multi-use cutter.
  • Safety: The package includes a hand protector that protects you from contacting the sharp blades and getting injured in the process. You will be able to cut the last bit of fruits and veggies and not waste anything.
  • Easy storage: With a storage box attached to the blade base, your cut veggies will go directly into the storage box and can be kept in the fridge for storage.
  • Ergonomic use: The handle of the slicing board is very ergonomic to hold. Use it to prevent the cutter from slipping away. The hand protector is also very easy and comfortable for your hands. You won’t feel tired or irritated by using the cutter.