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Viking AXE, Viking Axe Ultimate Outdoor Mastery ,Hiking AXE, Throwing AXE, Outdoor AXE, STEEL AXE, HANDMADE VIKING AXE

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Embark on an epic journey into the heart of Norse legend with our extraordinary —a living tribute to the indomitable spirit of Viking warriors. Crafted by skilled hands, this Viking Axe stands as a testament to the artistry and strength that defined ancient weaponry.

From the very essence of the Viking Axe, emerges a design that is a fusion of historical authenticity and contemporary craftsmanship. The 5.5-inch cutting edge of the blade, meticulously forged from high carbon steel, channels the prowess of Viking weaponry, ensuring each swing delivers an unmistakable impact. This Viking Axe is more than a mere tool; it's a visceral connection to the battlefields of yore.

The 6.5-inch head length further amplifies the Viking Axe's versatility, striking a harmonious balance between force and precision. Whether navigating the rugged landscapes of outdoor exploration or gracing the shelves of a collector, this Viking Axe commands attention with its imposing silhouette and finely honed edges.

With an overall length of 20 inches, the Viking Axe is a formidable companion, echoing the grandeur of Viking-era weapons. The blade's temper hardness, registering between 58-60 HRC, speaks to the longevity and resilience inherent in this Viking Axe. Its razor-sharp edge, a result of meticulous sharpening, ensures that the Viking Axe stands ready for battle at a moment's notice.

Handmade viking Axe, Double Headed Viking axe 
Ash wood, steel High Carbon
Cutting Edge of each side = 6 Inches
Overall Length Of axe including Wood Handle is almost – 23 Inches

As a nod to the Viking heritage, each Viking Axe is accompanied by a premium leather sheath—a protective sheath that not only complements the aesthetics but also ensures the safekeeping of this treasured weapon.

In the hands of the wielder, the Viking Axe transcends time and becomes more than an instrument of war; it's a portal to the past, a tangible link to the warriors who once brandished similar axes in the pursuit of glory and conquest. Whether you're an avid history enthusiast, a discerning collector, or an intrepid outdoor adventurer, the Viking Axe invites you to immerse yourself in the saga of the Norse warriors.

Enrich your collection or embark on your own Viking odyssey with this formidable Viking Axe. Place your order now and wield a piece of history that encapsulates the raw strength, unyielding courage, and the enduring spirit of the Viking Axe. It's not just an axe; it's an ode to a bygone era that continues to captivate and inspire. The Viking Axe, a timeless emblem of strength and valor, awaits to be wielded once more. Unleash the power of the Viking Axe and channel the warrior within! VIKING AXE VIKING AXE AXE VIKING HANDMADE VIKING AXE #VIKINGAXE #AXEVIKING VIKING AXE AXE AXE AXE AXE AXE AXE viking axe, viking axe, viking axe, viking axe, VIKING AXE, VIKING AXE, VIKING AXE, VIKING AXE, viking axe, viking axe, viking axe, viking axe, viking axe, viking axe, viking axe, viking axe, viking axe, AXE AXE