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Blofeld Ambika PatchList.jpg

Waldorf Blofeld - "Ambika" Soundset

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LFO Store is proud to present “Ambika” soundset for the bad guy – Waldorf Blofeld!

From the creator of “Organica” & "Cinematica" soundsets Nick Chronos right in your hands, right in your tracks.

50 atmospheric presets taken from Micro Q engine and converted to Blofeld format (yes, they are kinda similar)

Close your eyes, play the sounds, feel the legacy of PPG wave!

  1. Deepest and silkiest atmospheric pads
  2. Massive and fat analog strings
  3. Drones & Swells
  4. Dynamic arps 
  5. Beautiful plucks and polys

    50 presets in total, adapted for velocity & mw controllers.

    Can be loaded into bank B on your Blofeld In sysex format, instructions are included.

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