Waldorf doll pattern, Bunny pattern, Soft toy pattern

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  • Waldorf Bunny Doll pattern is the perfect gift. Soft delight.


    Learn how to make your own Waldorf doll, a sleep companion and cuddly friend. With my detailed PDF Waldorf doll pattern, you will be able to create a uniquely designed Waldorf doll all by yourself.


    Each step in the guidelines and patterns is clearly described, written in English, in great detail and accompanied by high-quality photos.

  • You will discover the secrets of fashioning an adorable face and plump cheeks and how the Waldorf doll head is made, a fundamental skill in doll-making. You can give your doll its own personality by tracing and dewing eyes, mouth, and hair.


    While my Waldorf dolls are handmade, the PDF pattern will allow you to use a sewing machine, if you prefer.

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