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Wall Mounted Magnetic Soap Holder

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About this item
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  • Made of ABS
  • Flower magnetic cap to hold soap
  • Adhere to counters, walls, any smooth surface
  • Make the bar soap last longer
  • Convenient for office
Item description from the seller
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"It's already gone? I changed it last week!"

Looking at that small bar of soap on the countertop, you are thinking through all the reasons (with your eyeballs rolling upwards) how did a large soap bar turn into a gross tiny ball.

Well, the main reason is its placement. Didn't get it? The soap dish!

You might not know it , but the truth is that the water and constant moisture can break down your soap, thus, decreasing its life.

But, where are you supposed to put it if not in the dish? Somewhere it can remain dry for a longer time! No, no, we are not asking you to keep it outside the bathroom or kitchen.

Here comes our magical magnetic soap bar holder in the story, the perfect homebase accessory you need.

It will allow your soap to dry between use by keeping it off the counter.

Say hello to mess-free clean countertops — No more sloppy bar with this best magnetic soap holder!

What you'll get:

  • Clean countertops: Now, you don't have to feel gross every time you look at the messy, sloppy, and weird soap bar waiting for you to use it after cleaning the dishes because the countertop magnetic soap holder will hold the bar after every use, thus avoiding the small residues you often under the soap dish.

  • Attach anywhere: The flower cap magnetic suction cup can be attached to bathroom tiles, above the kitchen sink, glass, office bathroom, etc.

  • Multipurpose: The magnetic holder can also hold keys, shampoo bottles, or anything that can be attached to a magnet.

  • Make bar soap last longer: It allows the drying of wet soap after every use that can help increase its shelf life. Save money, storage, and your soap.