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The characteristics of the LARP Sword "Thomas": 

Length: 200-250 centimeters (78,74 - 98,43 inches);

Weight: 3-4,5 kilograms or 6.6-9.9 pounds (Depends on the length of the handle and blade, as well as the finial - these parameters are discussed);

Integrity factor: one-piece. But I can make a collapsible design - if you need one, write to me in conversations.

***Materials***: polyurethane, covered with natural latex, paints and varnishes under the latex. Inside the reinforced textolite core. 

If you want me to forge such or similar sword from steel - write to me in conversations.

**Making time**: 1-4 weeks for manufacturing (usually faster) + 1-3 weeks for delivery (guaranteed free shipping) (there may be delays due to the difficult situation around the world)

You can tell me all your wishes about this item, because it is custom made and I can make some changes.

Also, I can make different costumes and cosplay & paintball weapons just ask in convos! You can send me a picture.

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