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Water-Based Metal Rust Remover

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About this item
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  • Remove rust in a flash
  • Free from harmful fumes
  • Non-toxic & weatherproof
  • Great for iron & metal surfaces
  • Simple to apply
  • Net content: 100ml
  • Simple to apply
Item description from the seller
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Rust intensely ruins the appearance of a thing’s surface and makes it look old. 

What will you do with this item? 

You’ll surely have to change it with a new one, right?

Oh, it’ll burden your budget. 

Then, what is the solution?

Simply get your hands at this Water-Based Metal Rust Remover and remove rust from any surface quickly. 

Just paint the rusty place with this substance and get it free from rust in 10 minutes.

What you’ll get: 

  • Fume-less formula: This rust remover is made of a non-toxic substance. It doesn’t create an unpleasant smell and damage the surface. 
  • Effortless rust removing: This substance helps you quickly remove the rust without scraping, sandblasting or grinding. 
  • Easy to use: To use this substance, use sandpaper to get rid of any big pieces of rust on the surface and wipe away any dust, dirt, or grease. Stir the substance before you use it, put two coats on the rusty spot, and let each coat dry for 20 minutes. Paint the surface with quality paint after 48 hours.
  • Package includes: 1* Chassis Rust Converter x 1* Brush.

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