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Watercolor Markers
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Watercolor Markers
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Watercolor Markers
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Watercolor Markers
Watercolor Markers
Watercolor Markers

Watercolor Markers

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About this item
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  • Refillable
  • Set of 20 brush pens
  • Great for calligraphy, sceneries, portraits, etc. 
  • Non-bleeding watercolor brush markers
  • Not for children under 3 years
Item description from the seller
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Watercolors were a big part of our childhood. They helped us pave our creative paths, strengthen our imaginative neurons and create praise-worthy art pieces. 

But what about when the water container used to spill over and ruin our painting in the process? Devastated we were, to the least.
Not now. Our watercolor brush markers are here.
Enjoy all the pleasure of watercolor painting without the annoying set-up, when you use our Watercolor Markers.

Now you can create beautiful calligraphy designs, elegant portraits and vividly vibrant drawings, using these Watercolor Brush Pens!!

This cheap, wonderful, watercolor set features 20 different pens which are non-bleeding in nature! We use only premium, high-quality dyes to provide you with the brightest of vivid colors! The brushes are made of thin, micro fabric hairs, which allow for precision and flawless movement when you paint.

Our Watercolor Brush Markers are easy to use and effortless to master.  They provide your imaginative mind with the means to create a very unique type of art.