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Watermelon Socks

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About this item
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  • Material: Cotton & Polyester
  • Ankle socks
  • Colorful funky design
  • Comfortable & breathable
  • Everyday wear
Item description from the seller
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Watermelons are composed of 92% water and are the perfect summer fruit.

Just like it fulfills the need for liquids in your body, these fresh and juicy watermelon ankle socks are the perfect foot apparel to quench your thirst for comfort.

Rendered in a playful splash of colors, these ankle socks break the norms of simple and boring colored socks. Perfectly resonating with watermelon's colors and seed structure, they are sure to turn your friends' heads around. So let these trendy and funky socks do all the talking about your fashion sense. 

What you'll get:

  • Unique sock design: It's about time you get rid of those mono-colored socks and get your feet in these cheeringly colorful socks that are set to uplift your mood in a matter of seconds.

  • Comfortable to wear: The breathable material makes these socks extremely comfortable to wear. For all your indoor and outdoor activities, these socks are perfect to pair with your sneakers.

  • Everyday wear: With comfort comes the desire to wear these watermelon socks every day. They can be perfectly paired with every ensemble in your wardrobe. Night PJs, skirts, shorts, jeans, wear anything with them.