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Wide Mouth Stainless Steel Canning Funnel

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About this item
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  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Diameter of funnel: 10.5 cm approx.
  • Wide mouth funnel fits all jars
  • Prevents spillages
  • Saves time and effort
  • Handle for holding
  • Transfers both solid & liquid; non-stick surface
Item description from the seller
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How many funnels do you have in your kitchen, 2? 3? 4? We assume at least a minimum of 2. Maybe one for the transfer of liquid, the other for the transfer of solids, or one for large jars, the other for small jars.

But hey, you are in luck with our masterly wide mouth canning jar funnel. It can work for both solids and liquids, small bottles and large mouth mason jars – talk about convenience.

But these are not the only things to like about it!

What you’ll get:

  • Fills all jars cleanly: How often do you spill the contents while trying to transfer them into mason jars and jam containers without a funnel. A lot, we know. Bring this wide mouth canning funnel in your kitchen and transfer your coffee beans, jam, ketchup, sauces, rice and sugar into jars without spilling anything and keeping the rims of the jars clean.

  • Works with all jars: There is a problem with small mouth funnels. They go quite deep inside the jars. This one however, stays on top of the jars and allows you to fill the jars fully.

  • Increases speed in the kitchen: It takes minutes to transfer contents from one container to another and if spillage occurs, that time increases to tens. Using this metal funnel will enhance your speed in the kitchen because it prevents spillages and allows you to toss the contents into it speedily.

  • Works for both solids & liquids: It has a diameter of 3.6cm (approx.) which makes it suitable for transferring both solids and liquids. Use it to fill your jars and spice bottles with ketchup, spices, sauces, beans, seeds, etc.

  • Resistant to breaking: Made of Stainless Steel, the canning funnel is resistant to breaking, deformation and puncture. It is easy to wash and store.

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