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Wild Sea Buckthorn Berry Whole Dried 1000 gr ( 35.27oz )

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  • Ingredients:Wild Sea Buckthorn Berry Whole Dried
Item description from the seller
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  • Only the forest harvest We do not have garden sea buckthorn from Canada, China or other countries where berries that are similar in appearance, but completely different in their properties, are grown industrially. We offer wild sea buckthorn from the Altai taiga, where the berry grows in a clean and natural ecosystem. Gentle drying We dry our berries in atmospheric dryers at low temperatures (unlike conventional drying ovens). This drying technology allows you to preserve the taste, aroma and, most importantly, useful properties. In addition, gentle drying allows you to preserve biologically active substances. And with proper storage, vitamins in such a berry are stored for up to several years. Grown in wild forests far from cities (Altai Krai) Whole honeysuckle fruits. No added sugar, no additives. Dried berries with a moisture content of no more than 8-10% (unlike dried ones) are carefully dried in the air in the shade. Just not in drying ovens. From 50 grams of dried sea buckthorn, you can prepare 0.5 liters of jam, 3 liters of compote or brew 40 cups of herbal tea. It's not a cure. When ordering, check the availability of the quantity you need.