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Witcher Silver Sword, Withcer 3 : Wild Hunt Geralt of Rivia Limited Edition Silver Sword

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  • Materials: Stainless Steel handmade.
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Witcher Silver Sword, Withcer 3 : Wild Hunt Geralt of Rivia Limited Edition Silver Sword, Arondight, Upgraded Silver Sword, Anniversary Gift
If you wish to take down all kinds of monsters like Geralt of Rivia, make sure that you check out the Netflix Witcher Silver Sword. Made from stainless steel, this sword features a design inspired by the hit Netflix TV show. It has a double-edged blade. The sword continues with its distinctive crossguard. The arms of the silver-colored crossguard angle slightly towards the blade. Three sections of arrow-like lines adorn the arms and point towards the center. The center features an X-shape and has a point at the bottom. The point faces the blade.

Next, the hilt has a white grip that tapers towards the pommel. It has a hexagonal cross-section. The silver-colored pommel has a scent-stopper style with a shallow top. Finally, this sword comes with a matching scabbard. The white scabbard has a metal chape and throat. Ornate engraving adorns both pieces. Add this decorative sword to your medieval or Witcher collection. It makes a great decor piece to put on display for all to see. You can also add it to your costume.

Key Features:
Completely decorative and useable
Inspired by hit Netflix series
Ornate detailing on crossguard
Great for collecting or display
Wonderful costume accessory

Made from stainless steel

Overall Length: 39Inches
Blade Length:  Inches
Measurements are approximate.

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Listed on 11 August, 2023