Wolverine Meat Shredders

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Wolverine Meat Shredders
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  • Made of ABS food-grade durable plastic
  • Ideal for chopping, cutting, and shredding meat
  • High temperature resistant
  • Anti-skid and scald handle

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Adamantium might be a natural for shredding meat, but one can't help wondering if Wolverine has ever considered using his claws to shred cooked meat, particularly, giant butts of pork, slow grilled and smoky on the BBQ. 

You might as well slather it with sauce to finish! Perhaps in retirement, he'll put those retractable, super sharp claws to even better use running a food truck. In the meantime, however, you can simulate the technique of pulling and shredding your own grilled meats with a pair of your very own, Wolverine meat claws!

Unfortunately, these Wolverine Meat Claws aren't plated with Adamantium, which means they probably aren't indestructible. But as long as you're using them for their intended purpose; chopping, cutting and shredding meat, pork and skins, then these 5" Claws should hold up when called upon. 

They are very safe to use because they don’t have any sharp blades, rather they use the power of geometry to fulfill their purpose. The ABS claws are tooth-shaped which will not cut your hands when you slide them against the edges but they will shred the meat pretty nicely. 

You can also use them to lift up heavy food items like turkey and transfer them to the table safely. They also make your mundane cooking tasks feel just a little more badass!

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Listed on 26 March, 2018