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Wood Burning Pyrography Kit (28 Piece Set)

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About this item
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  • Create craft with wood easily
  • Adjustable temperature 200-450C
  • 28 different sizes carving tips
  • Embellish your home beautifully
  • Simple to use
Item description from the seller
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Having beautiful handcrafted items in your home displays your aesthetic sense.

But how to create such décor pieces?

By just getting your hands at this Wood Burning Pyrography Kit (28 Piece Set).

Simply insert the carving tip size of your choice into the chuck and effortlessly engrave wood as you desire. This kit is handy, convenient and simple to use.

What you’ll get:

  • Adjustable temperature: This typographic kit can be used at any temperature between 200 and 250 degrees, so use it as needed.
  • Effortless pyrography: The tips of these burning tools are well-shaped. They enable you easily engrave wood and create stunning crafts effortlessly.
  • Broad design range: This typography kit has 28 different sizes of engraving tips – create the wood craft you desire without any hassle & trouble.
  • Easy to use: Using this wood-burning tools kit is a breeze. Simply insert the tip that you need in the chuck and start engraving quickly.