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Wooden Honeycomb Stick

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About this item
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  • Material: Wood
  • Size: 8cm and 16 cm approx.
  • Food grade safe
  • Mess-free honey drizzling
Item description from the seller
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It's cute to see bears take honey straight from the hive, but you're not a bear.

Instead, you devour the delicious syrup with spoons. However, that is an outdated method.

And if you're still extracting honey from the jar with conventional spoons, you're right there with that bear in the jungle in terms of progress.

Do you want to know the best and most effective way to consume honey?

This honeycomb stick will make pouring, stirring, and spreading honey more enjoyable and convenient.

This honey stick allows you to drizzle honey in a controlled amount on your toasts, cookies, pancakes, tea, or milk.

What you'll get:

  • Mess-free use: Spoons are inefficient in scooping honey. They make your hands all sticky and dirty; you have to clean the bottom of the spoon, but not with this honey twirler. The deep grooved design makes you able to ladle honey from any jar without creating any mess.

  • Multiple uses: Not only for honey, but this is a perfect drizzling tool for all vicious liquids like maple syrup, jam, or molasses.  

  • Decorate your dishes: Simply spreading honey on your meals is easy but not appealing. You can use this honeycomb stick to make your basic sandwich more enticing. Give your pancakes a sparkling shine by pouring honey in thin streaks.

  • Idea gift for cooking enthusiasts: If you are looking for gift ideas for a cooking enthusiast, this wooden gravel is the best item. It is useful, handy, and perfect to add charm to their cooking.