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Wooden Photo Album, Honeymoon Album, Engraved Photo Book Scrapbook, Wedding Anniversary Gift, Personalized Guest Book

byEnjoy The Wood
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Please, provide the following information:

1) Photo corners color: Black or Beige (if paid)

3) Personalization information on the cover (quote)

*Please provide the phone NUMBER for the shipping company.

About this item

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  • We offer 6 different types of paper
  • Free personalization
  • High quality hardware
  • Thick paper
  • Add a set of extra paper and 120 self-adhesive photo corners to make your book perfect!
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You can use this wonderful wooden notebook as a photo album, wedding album, guest book, wish book, keepsake book, honeymoon book. An unforgettable gift for the special person for any occasion. You can attach photos, or use it as a scrapbook! Time flies by with incredible speed and having memories safely kept in one place is so important.

Book sizes:

● Small A6 - 15,5 cm x 16,5 cm (5,7'' x 6,5'')
Includes 72 sheets or 35 cardboard

● Large A5 - 16 cm x 27 cm (6,3'' x 10,63'')
Includes 72 sheets or 35 cardboard

● Extra-large A4 - 23,6 cm x 34,5 cm (9,3'' x 13,58'')
Includes 72 sheets or 35 cardboard

★ Make it personal:
If you want your own design please contact us. The book can be customized with a picture or a text that you like (on the front, the spine or on the back of the book).

Page Types:
-creamy white
-creamy white cardboard
-red cardboard
-black cardboard

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Listed on 27 February, 2023