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Wool Nordic Socks

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About this item
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  • Made with moisture-wicking, odor-resistant wool
  • Available in 20 design patterns
  • Unisex and universal size
  • Crew length socks
  • Keeps your feet warm in freezing temperatures
  • Soft, snug, and breathable
  • A perfect gift for Christmas and other events
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Trendy, upbeat, new-in-town, latest - all the terms that people relate to fashion that looks good on you. But is it really? Do all latest fashion trends look good on you? 

No, they don’t.
It’s time to shift to the tested, traditional, graceful nordic pattern fashion that rocked the world in 1950s and still shines with constant popularity in this modern world.

What you’ll get:

  • High comfort level: Our unisex, Wool Nordic Socks have a wonderful, vintage-inspired look. Made of warm wool, these minimalist, can’t-go-wrong-with socks are guaranteed to keep your feet cozy and comfortable, even on the coldest, winter nights! Soft, snug, and breathable, our Wool Nordic Socks are made using a moisture-wicking, odor-resistant fabric. 

  • Minimalist pattern that can be don by anyone: They're so comfortable to wear, you'll never want to take them off! The trendy design features warm, muted colors that coordinate well with fall and winter fashions. Warm those cold, winter mornings with these thick, knit crew socks and keep your toes happy!

  • Goes with everything: Featuring a variety of stylish designs, these winter socks are fun to wear and they'll go with pretty much anything in your winter wardrobe. They also make a perfect gift for loved ones who adore cute and unique socks. Give a pair to your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife. Perfect for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Birthday, or any day! These Wool Nordic Socks are great.

One size fits all!

* Socks Styles On Pictures: Pattern 9, Pattern 16, Pattern 17, Pattern 18, Pattern 19…

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Kathryn Jacobi Dysartflag imageVerified Purchase
Nicest socks I’ve gotten in a long time!
Laura. F.flag imageVerified Purchase
I purchased these as a gift and the recipient still comments on how much they love the fit, feel and style!
Carly. N.flag imageVerified Purchase
SO cute!!! Going to be perfect to wear with boots for the fall/winter season. So excited to wear them with my timberlands
Fran. M.flag imageVerified Purchase
I have a sock "thing" and I'm kind of picky about quality. These are way nice than I expected, considering the low price. They look good and they fit. good.
Eric. J.flag imageVerified Purchase
I wore my first pair yesterday as the weather is now cool enough to need socks. They were very comfortable and perfect for my size 10 feet. They were warm for 38 degree weather, and the design and color was very cool. Thinking about buying another set. : ) Oh, and they washed up well with no shrinkage that I noticed. Recommend highly!
Justin. L.flag imageVerified Purchase
Nice medium-thick socks - good quality and not too thick for regular sneakers.
Rob. C.flag imageVerified Purchase
Very nice quality. Very slow shipping.
Linda. J.flag imageVerified Purchase
They look nice but they are a gift so I have not opened them.
Wendy. W.flag imageVerified Purchase
Nice socks that kept my feet warm. Haven't washed them yet to see if they hold up through washing and drying. Did order another pair since I liked them so much.
Lizette. C.flag imageVerified Purchase
Cute, warm aocks

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Listed on 27 November, 2018