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Oil Paintings

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Buy Oil Paintings Online 

Paintings are a beautiful way of expressing emotions. Our oil paintings category is split into two directions. One of them involves oil paintings displayed directly by sellers, including sceneries, still art, abstract, geometric, animal, and calligraphy designs. 

The other one involves equipment used to make mesmerizing oil paintings. This includes glitter flakes, paint brushes, oil pastels, mixing plates, paint palettes, wooden blocks, holder stands, cases, brush clips, canvas boards, etc. 

Landscape Oil Painting | Bring Nature into Your Home 

No matter which type of landscape oil painting you’re looking for, whether it’s lofty mountain views, forests, calm water bodies, and other natural panoramas, we have a wide collection of landscape oil paintings.

Abstract Oil Painting | Select What Captivate You Most

Whatever shapes, colors, forms, and effects you’re looking for in abstract painting, you’ll find everything at Inspire Uplift. So simply browse our oil painting category and choose the one you find best. 

Portrait Oil Painting | Choose the Sketch of Your Choice 

Whether you’re looking for traditional portraits, candid portraits, lifestyle, glamour, conceptual, self-portrait, close-up or group portraits, you’ll find portrait painting of every type at Inspire Uplift. So choose the one you’re looking for and hang it anywhere you desire. 

Oil Painting at Discounts | Keep Budget Stress at Bay 

If you love oil painting but are hard with your budget, Inspire Uplift is here to help you out! We have affordable oil paintings of all varieties. So browse our oil painting category and choose the one that matches your taste without being stressed about your budget. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I choose the right canvas for oil painting? 

A sturdy, absorbent canvas with appropriate surface texture is perfect if you want to give a flawless look to your painting. 

How long will my oil painting last? 

With proper care and preservation, oil painting can last for centuries. Unlike other paintings, its color doesn’t crack and remains vibrant for a long time.  

How can I properly clean and store my oil painting? 

To clean an oil painting, gently wipe it down with a soft, lint-free cloth or brush. To store the oil painting, keep it in a dry, cool place so that it doesn't fade or get damaged by light or water.