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Hello! I am Rinka, and my full name is Ekaterina Melnikova. I've been painting all my life, I just can't imagine life without it. But I started to study drawing and painting only when I was 23 years old. My first university gave me an economic education - a marketing specialist. After graduating from university, I worked in this specialty for 2 years but did not feel happy. The building where I worked was also one of the best children's art schools in my city. One day I found out that there are evening classes for adults, and I took advantage of this sign of fate. For two years every day after my work, I went to this school to learn to draw from professional artists. There I learned the basics of drawing and painting. But I have always dreamed of learning the art of painting portraits, so after graduating from school I entered the university at the Faculty of Fine Arts. There I learned to paint portraits and paint with oils. And my life has changed. I began to paint portraits to order, left my old job, and became a real artist. Now I already have a lot of experience in painting, for more than 10 years I have been painting, participating in international competitions and exhibitions. I have my own artist's workshop, where I give master classes and lessons to my students. In 2020, I opened my store on Etsy, where art, drawn in different years of my work, is now on sale. Also, I paint portraits and paintings to order. Through my paintings, I want to share my vision of the world around us, the multitude of shades of nature around us, and express my emotions with a brush and paints. Absolutely every picture is created with a special mood and carries with it a certain story. I just wish that people, looking at my paintings, become at least a little happier. Painting from photo, portrait from photo, drawing from photo, house portrait, pet portrait, custom couple portrait, family portrait, dog portrait custom painting from photo. Original art - oil painting, watercolor painting, ACEO original, pastel art from artist ArtRinka. Portrait, landscapes, flowers, animals, birds, seascapes, and mountains.

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