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Hi there! We’re so glad to see you here in our magic family workshop, which is located in Warsawa, Poland. There are four of us - me (Nika), my husband - Evgenii and two wonderful dogs. I might say that we share an interest in bringing beauty to the world and are united by love to nature and to each other. Evgenii and I studied at the Faculty of Biology. Our whole lives were closely related to nature and we studied the flora and fauna of our world. And we also travel a lot. We love roads, people, new cultures, big backpacks, tents, and playing the guitar. On the way, we love to observe animals in their natural environment and find new species for us. So nature is our home, strength, inexhaustible inspiration. And the idea of ​​collecting plants from all over the world and giving them a second life in jewelry inspired us. We were very fascinated by the magic of plants in resin, and we thought we would be happy to share these creations with others. After all, the beauty of the nature of the whole world can not only be observed, but carried with you at all times. And now, for almost four years, we have opened our workshop and created jewelry and interior items. At the beginning of our journey, we spent days looking for and selecting the right materials, experimenting, making mistakes and trying again. And we did not give up until the truth began to be born and until the resin acquired the desired shape. In general, resin is an extremely capricious and difficult material, which you can make friends with if you know how to be sensitive, calm and show proper respect for it. The most difficult thing is to learn how to work with resin, to feel its features, to bring jewelry to the possible ideal state, especially such stages as grinding and polishing products. Our jewelry gives a sense of belonging to creativity and nature around. Each one is unique, because nature is a skilled creator. We adhere to the concept of naturalness and simplicity in jewelry. Quality is a fundamental factor, we care a lot about both the technique of execution and the quality of the fittings used. Each item with flowers inside is handmade from beginning to end, so the number of them is limited by our time, material and inspiration. The production of one accessory takes from 15 to 25 days and requires the utmost attention to each stage of production. Over the years, more than 5,000 customers in 28 countries adorn our jewelry, and we want even more people in different countries to know about us. Therefore we are here :) Join our spaсe and make yourselves at home!

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