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Let me introduce myself, Christine Plouffe, a native of the magnificent Outaouais region. Why Nimar Because I wanted the name of my shop to represent the first names of my 2 children. Neither for my son Nicolas and Mar for my daughter Marie-Pier.Pier. May 2020the edecision is socket,I go on this markete from market in line.J'was going you creer bracelets made at the hand,of the creations unique,who resumeewould feel them trends 'today'today. Women could finally buy or have their bracelets made of quality semi-precious and precious beads personalized, at affordable prices and I would offer impeccable customer service. Nimar creation represents for me the way to express myself, and to let my heart speak. The competition is strong in the world of handmade bracelets, but know that with my own grain of salt, I knew I was capable of dazzling you with my creations. I am very proud of the progress made, today with more than 1800 Facebook subscribers and 5-star "Reviews" on my bracelets, believe me, there is no shortage of ideas to expand my shop. Buying from Nimar bracelet creation means buying with confidence, and coming back because you will know that you will have an exclusive bracelet, an extremely fast manufacturing time and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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My pearl bracelets… A pearl bracelet is a very distinguished accessory that can be either elegant, chic and sophisticated. Since it fits perfectly with other jewellery, a natural pearl bracelet is an indispensable jewel in any women's collection. Here's how to find the bracelet that is the best for you. Types of wristbands If you are undecided about the type of pearl bracelet that will match your personal style or that of a friend, these suggestions will help you decide. A simple wristband This style of beaded bracelet is very delicate and feminine will be an addition to your wardrobe of everything women. The design made on a quality 0.8mm elastic thread. The best quality of this kind of bead bracelet design is that it is very versatile and can be worn with any outfit. An elegant outfit will be nicely complemented by a magnificent bracelet in the colors of this one, while casual outfits will be made more flattering when you wear a very colorful bead bracelet. A double wristband This bracelet is best worn for special occasion events. It would make the perfect gift for bridesmaid. The double row bracelet easily attracts attention, enhancing the natural beauty of women. For a look classic and refined, choose a bracelet with the desired number of rows made on a memory wire of universal size. Memory wire bracelets are easy to put on and take off, making them perfect for women who are always on the move and need to be removed quickly. But if you really want to stand out, a bracelet of more than two rows will make you attract attention even more. Wristband set Bracelet sets are made of one bracelet single and a double bracelet or two single bracelets to create a grandiose and exclusive effect. What is pleasant in a set of bracelets is that you have the choice to choose only one bracelet if for you the whole is too heavy to carry. For all bracelets you have the possibility of changing the charm for a different style or if the bracelet does not have a charm you can add as you wish. A bracelet for any occasion… A pearl bracelet would offer the perfect gift for any of the following events: For a birthday This is the ideal event to start or complete a collection of pearl bracelets. Pearl bracelets are very versatile and easy to wear with any outfit clothing. LAST WORD… Also, before making a purchase, Make sure you choose the right bracelet size for the wrist . This is especially important if you intend to purchase such a gift for a young girl or a teenager. It is important that you know the size of the wrist so as not to buy a bracelet that is too small or too big for them to carry. If the bracelet is too small, will tighten your wrist. However, if the bracelet is too large, it will shift of course much more. Again, the woman or girl who wears it will find it uncomfortable to wear. It is important not to forget to consider the person's age, but also when they is likely to wear it. In this way, you can rest assured to buy a beaded bracelet that exactly meets your needs or their needs. Then you all will enjoy wearing a pearl bracelet for many years and may well add more bracelets to your collection. Welcome to all at Nimar creation bangles, Christine Plouffe, owner and creator

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