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Hi) My name is Anastasia, I'm a 2D (traditional) artist, I draw mainly in watercolor technique and graphics, but sometimes I use acrylic. I really like ancient Asian art and modern anime...and I would really like to try to combine these two completely different directions. The idea to create a series of graphic-watercolor drawigs in the Chinese style came to my mind during the Inktober. In 2019 I discovered the wonderful world of Chinese fandoms... and since then I have been drawing mainly on this topic ^_^ All the drawings in my gallery are united by one plot - this is the plot of the novel "Mo Dao Zu Shi". So in the heroes of my paintings you can easily recognize familiar characters. However, looking at this drawing, it seems to me that you can experience all the feelings that the protagonist of the novel experienced, even if you did not read it...loneliness, regrets, humility...and finally hope... The uniqueness of my idea is that I don't draw the face of the character. The face is a too obvious accent in such a small drawing...I try to convey the mood through the color scheme of the drawing, its composition, the pose of the hero. The viewer has the opportunity to present the hero exactly as he exists in his head. In technical terms, I tried to delicately combine graphic techniques and watercolor to make the image light, airy, fragile.. Here I wanted to sell prints of my drawings on watercolor paper, on photo paper, postcards, as well as digital versions of my drawings for printing at home. And possibly the original drawings. Forget About Regrets

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I decided to open a store on this site because it accepts payments through PayPal. I'll post all of my items here eventually, but if you need something and the store doesn't have it yet, feel free to email me.

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